Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ending a (somewhat) Anergic Winter HIbernation...

Hello Loyal Escaping Anergy Readers!!

I am writing to: 
1. thank you all for your continue support of helping to bridge the communication gap between scientists and the public by reading Escaping Anergy: The Immunology Research Blog 
2. to explain that I am finally emerging for my Winter Hibernation.  Ok so, I wasn't actually burrowed in the ground waiting desperately for the end of cool temperatures, but I was extremely busy with things that tied up my time to sit and write detailed analyses about the latest in amazing immunology research discoveries.  What was I doing that consumed all my time? 

There was everything from the Holidays and New Years' Celebrations to traveling to California for Research Conference...
Leafy Seahorse seen at the Seahorse Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (seen during a very brief break from the conference).
to traveling to Jamaica for a wedding and much needed vacation...
Beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica!
to preparing my own research manuscript for publication to preparing for the start of another semester where I teach a weekly Immunology Discussion section to applying for research grants and fellowships...

to beginning to train for a 10-mile race in April...
At the end of a half-marathon I ran last season with a few friends, goal this year: 8:30 min/mile for the 10-miler in April!
 to expanding our family to include our rescue dog, Ringo!! 
How could we NOT adopt him?! 
Whew!  So, you can say I've been pretty busy lately over these past few months and am happy to report that things are finally quieting down so that I can focus more on Escaping Anergy!  

Without adding to this blog, does that mean I've been anergic over Winter? Not completely because in addition to responding to your e-mails @ and teaching Immunology this semester I have been maintaining a very active Twitter account over these Winter months, so I encourage you to follow me on Twitter to get daily updates about the latest in immunology research!  Thank you to everyone currently following @escapinganergy and for your constant support!

There has been so much exciting research published in the fields of immunology, human health and disease that I can't wait to write about here. So please stay tuned here at Escaping Anergy: The Immunology Research Blog and on Twitter @escapinganergy



  1. Good to have you back - it's lonely being one of the only people blogging about immunology.

    On an unrelated note - I basically have that exact same seahorse picture from when I went home over thanksgiving (

  2. Thanks for your support Kevin, it's genuinely appreciated! So the Leafy Seahorse caught your attention too? They're amazing; couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Did you also see them at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? Thanks again for reading and I'll be rooting for you for Open Labs!

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